Valentine's Hoof Dressing quart

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Product Overview

Our flagship product! Maintains the natural moisture content within the hoof. When used regularly, will render the hoof both tough and flexible, preventing split and cracked hooves. Treats brittle, ringy, and shelley hooves, hard frog, and contracted hooves. Apply 3-4 times per week using a small, stiff brush to paint the entire surface of the hoof, paying particular attention to the heels if they appear hard, dry, or cracked. In the case of hard frog, fill the cavity with ointment and cover with a leather hoof pad. To treat problem hooves, apply daily. We recommend painting the hoofs with Valentine's Hoof Ointment, both inside and outside, to help replace the natural hoof periople (varnish-like layer), and prevent the horn from drying out by evaporation.