Horse Weigh Scale Kentucky

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Specifications Product Weight 94kg (206.8lbs) 1 piece Height off ground Sunken in pit- Sits level with ground Horse standing area 2.14m x 1.22m (84.3" x 48") Pit Dimensions 217.5cms length x 124.5cms width x 11.2cms depth (85.6" length x 49" width x 4.4" depth) 25% wider than standard models Complete aluminium construction Green rubber flooring EziWeigh 2 digital electronic read out unit, mains rechargeable. Wall mounted or can be hand held Maximum weight capacity 1500kg (overload capacity 3000kg) 3300lbs (overload capacity 6600lbs) Supplied with detachable lifting/carrying handles Please note that this model cannot be upgraded to other models Horses do not need to stand still Quiet weighing environment Quick, accurate weight recorded to +/- 1%, guaranteed 100% water and sand proof Use and store outside, including in extreme temperatures No power source required Fully charged indicator weighs 500 horses, on average Robust aluminium construction Usable on gentle gradients and uneven ground Mobile easily transported Single person operation including weight hold function Recalibration never required PC and Bluetooth compatible units available