Air Blast - Herbal Supplement

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The All New Air Blast from Equiade, Inc.

A new powerful herbal liquid supplement
providing support for breathing:
Energy and Stamina
Lung Function and Health
A natural bronchial dilator
Minimizes mucus buildup
Improvement in racing success
Increases air to the lungs

"I have been a trainer for over 40 years. I recently tried a new product, which I very rarely do. The only reason I did is that I trust the people who make it, as I have been using their Body Builder for the last 7 years. I used their Air Blast product with a couple of horses that are good, try all the time, but come up short.

Bottom line: 4 starts, 3 wins, 1 second. I noticed they finished much better and when they came back to the paddock you couldn't blow out a candle from their breath!! They obviously were able to breath much much better, therefore the results!!"

P. Palmer